Enrique Diaz

Software Engineer at Apple

Apple, iMac, AirPort

Lucia Soares

Managing Director at Carlyle Group

Johnson & Johnson, Health 2047

Ângela Simões

Comms Consultant & Chair at Palcus

Autodesk, Edelman

Angelo Garcia

President at Lucas Real Estate Holdings

Adobe, Oracle, GNAC Inc

Nuno Braga

Website Marketing Manager at Zoom

Cisco, Userzoom, NPG Productions

Amanda Schmidt

VP of Customer Success


Roberto Lino


Skype, Userzoom, Microsoft, Jive

Maria Silveira

VP Labor Relations

Foster Farms

Miguel Ávila

VP Global Quality System Solutions

Cardinal Health, Cordis, Lifescan

Jole Simmons

Presentation Designer at Workday

Facebook, Microsoft

John Schneider

VP of Marketing at Intapp

SCU, Ebay, Jive, Seagate

Jessie Edwards

Creative Director at Clari

Xactly, Taleo, Jive, Soundhound

Gail Batac

SR Product Manager at Paypal

Reali, Cisco, Sapient

Wendy Wilson

VP of Marketing at Chargepoint

Yahoo!, Disney

Brian Vellmure

SR Director of Strategy and Innovation, Stageright

Andy Steele

Visual Design Lead at Mcafee

Skyhigh, Cisco, Webex

Startup Pico is another step in the economic strategy of the Municipality of Madalena. A vision that involves supporting companies, entrepreneurs and investors who see Pico and the Azores as part of their future.